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Answers to February 2015 Quiz
1b. Cinnabar
 2b. Banket
 3b. Malay
 4a. a drill steel
 5a. isiZulu

Answers to December 2014 Quiz
1b. anesthesiologist
2a. eyes
3c. languages
4c. anneal
5a. Aldis
6a. airship
7a. Babbit metal
8c. avoirdupois
9c. Cape Doctor
10b. speed

Answers to November 2014 Quiz
1a. the Seychelles
2c. 31 milllion.
3a. Kenya
4c. Rivers in Southern Africa
5a. The Castle of Good Hope
6b.  Bird
7c.  Nguni, Sotho, Tsonga and Venda
8a.  Marion Island
9b.  The Disa uniflora or red disa
10b. Near a town called Musina in Limpopo

Answers to October 2014 Quiz

1c. a swearword
2a. equinox
3b. cultured
4c. has both sides concave
5b. China
6c. slogan
7a. a slob
8c. an informer
9a. harmattan
10a. practices black magic

Answers to August 2014 Quiz

1a. potassium nitrate
 2c. a golfer
 3c. rottenstone
 4b. Burundi
 5a. difficult to melt because of resistance to heat
 6c. A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere
 7b. a squatter
 8a. Burkina Faso
 9b. Pietersburg
 10a. Moonlight sonata

Answers to July 2014 Quiz
 1b. Lots Of Love
 2b. El Dorado
 3a. Thomas Edison
 4c. music
 5c. obsidian
 6b. graphite
 7b a squeegee
 8a. bear
 9c. forced labour
10b. a fortress or stronghold

Answers to June 2014 Quiz

 1c. a is greater than b an smaller than c
 2b. in opencast mining
 3c. Venus
 4a. Eucalyptus trees
 5a. coal mining
 6b. fireproof
 7a. It is an instrument for comparing pressures
 8a. lithography
 9a. a dog spike
10c. a desert of Chile

Answers to May 2014 Quiz

1c. railway engines
2b. intrusion
3a. because they are foul tasting
4a. jeeps
5a. glaciers
6a. a googly
7a. fictile
8a. 1938
9c. 2 million
 10a. Antarctica

Answers to April 2014 Quiz
 1a. 121 years
 2b. Originator of the idea of frozen food in 1924
 3a. 1938
 4c. Percy Shaw
 5c. 1926
 6a. Enrico Fermi
 7a. 1958
 8a. George Gray
 9c. Tim Berners-Lee
 10a. 1821

Answers to February 2014 Quiz

 1a. A desert wind
 2b. Malawi
 3b. Randfontein
 4b. 101 years ago
 5b. spears
 6c. superstitiousness
 7a. naphtalene
 8a. plumbing
 9a. Orville Wright
10a. neat and trim

Answers to January 2014 Quiz
1a. Nikola Tesla.
2a. Karel Capek.
3a. Isaac Asimov.
4c. one trillion
5c. avoid it
6c. lampblack
7a. a naartjie
8a. 1905
9a. 1973
10c. placer

Answers to December 2013 Quiz
 1a. Africa
 2c. Lewis Carroll
 3b. Postmasburg
 4c. border posts between South African and Botswana
 5b.1957 km
 6c. J.B. Robinson
 7a. tin
 8a. Randjieslaagte
 9b. Randlords
 10a. Illicit Diamond Buying

Answers to November 2013 Quiz
 1c. Margeret Thatcher
 2a. nitric acid
 3c. tigers eye
 4b. Springbok
 5a. Krugersdorp
 6a. a seabird
 7a. concave
 8a. political science
 9b. eluviation
Answers to October 2013 Quiz
1a. Harden steel
2c. when fastening things with ropes
3a. is shaped like a coil
4c. a service hoist conveying materials in a shaft
6a. ploegbreker
7c. lobola
8a. birds
9c. a bastard kudu
10a. to support a pneumatic machine which is used to drill holes into solid rock

Answers to July 2013 Quiz
 1a. golf
 2b. Socrates
 4a. a castle
 5b. a rule of law
 c. a deep gorge
 6b. a shop
 7c. formic acid
 8c. The Hottentots
 9a. Boer Republics
 10a. Nelson Mandela

Answers to June 2013 Quiz

1c. Freetown 
2a. 159 litres 
3a. dioptre
4b. cubit 
5b. 1.341
6b. nuclear power 
7a. Stinkwood 
8a. Thabentsonyane 
9c. Both Malawi and Zambia 
10c. Hereros

Answers to May 2013 Quiz

1a.  Music
2a.  Geology
3b.  Technetium
4c.  Sputnik
5b.  Emalahleni
6a.  Okiep
7a.  Golf
8c.  Taiwan
9b.  Entebbe
10a. The size of its ears


Answers to April 2013 Quiz
1c.  Poisonus fungi
2a.  A snake
3c.  Pietersburg
4b.  Nanotechnology
5a.  Agglomeration
6b.  A ship
7c.  Cape Agulhas
8a.  Stephen Collins Foster
9c.  Matador
10a. Burkina Faso

Answers to March 2013 Quiz

1c. Old World
2a. near Ottosdal
3a. planchet
4b. drinkable
5b. banksman
6c. nacre
7a. hygrometer
8c. glasnost
9a. caveat
10c. rather avoid his company

Answers to February 2013 Quiz
1a.  Botswana
 2a. A giraffe
 3b. Transducer
 4c. Edgar Rice Burroughs
 5a. Rn
 6b. Lodestone
 7a. Nigeria
 8b. Dumbwaiter
 9c. A legless lizard
 10a. Louis Pasteur

Answers to January 2013 Quiz
1c. Uranium
2b. Coal 
3c. 75%
4a. Gripping pipes
5b. 130
6c. Virgin gold 
7a. The Voortrekker Monument
8a. Tailings wheel
9c. Sishen in the Northern Cape
10b. 1851 

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