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September 2007
Beatrix Gold Mine Becomes a Millionaire Again
Beatrix Gold Mine has done it again! The mine achieved 1 000 000 fatality-free shifts on National Woman's Day, Thursday, 9 August 2007. This is the second time that Beatrix has reached this remarkable milestone in 2007. The previous achievement was on 16 March.
Beatrix has proved to the mining industry that with dedicated teamwork, commitment and health and safety very high on the agenda, production can be achieved safely.
Dup du Plessis, Safety and Risk Manager at Beatrix said, "Management believes in its people and that all activities can be done in a safe manner. This is demonstrated in their active involvement and openness in all safety related issues. Safe production is our moral obligation and without the active involvement by all stakeholders, the Department of Minerals and Energy and all unions and associations on the mine, this achievement would not have been possible".
"One of Beatrix Gold Mine's objectives is to have zero accidents and an accomplishment such as this really sets the pace towards achieving our targets," Dup added. "Our motto inany at risk activity or condition encounteres still remains:  "Stop-Fix and then Continue".

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